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Organizational Chart

The ECE Curriculum Committee will review and approve the I-SMART curricular plans as needed and ensure that they mesh with other curricula offered in the department and college, and help promote the new curriculum as part of the department offerings. 

The Advisory/Oversight Board  provides an external, high-level perspective on the activities sponsored through this program.  The Board, chaired by Tom Weaver of AEP, offers feedback on the content and effectiveness of the new undergraduate and graduate curriculum, K-12 program, short courses, distance learning, etc., as well as provides direction for future revisions in view of emerging Smart Grid technologies, training activities, and standards across the U.S.  

The following is a list of the board members:

  • Tom Weaver has been with AEP for 31 years. He has been developing deployment plans for gridSMARTSM technologies and was recently named Manager, Grid Management Deployment.


  • Sue Tenney has served as Education Coordinator for the Ohio Energy Project (OEP) since 2003 to empower students to become educated leaders of an energy responsible society.  Under Ms. Tenney’s leadership one of the districts was recognized as National District of the Year by the National Energy Education Development Project.  


  • Kate Bartter serves both as OSU’s Special Assistant to the OSU Vice President for Research and as Associate Director of the OSU Institute for Energy and the Environment (IEE). 

The External Evaluator (TBD), a professional educational assessor, will be tasked with guiding formative and summative assessment activities with the aim of identifying areas of course content and methods that need improvement.  The evaluator will assist in preparing survey instruments and methods; review compiled evaluation results and comments; carry out selective interviews with a sample of participants in the various programs to assess training effectiveness; and prepare a written annual report with suggestions for improvements.

The Distance Learning Coordinator, Kevin Passino, with many years’ experience of organizing projects with significant government funding, works with the Project Director to set up and maintain a comprehensive distance learning program.

A fulltime Project Coordinator, Wendy Flores, is assisting the Project Director and the Project Team in organizing daily activities including meetings, reports, progress tracking, etc. This position also provides coordination and support for the Freshman course Sustainable Energy and Society, the K-12 Program, and the Short Courses. Seventy five percent of this position is sponsored by the College of Engineering.


A halftime Post Doctoral Researcher (TBD) will assist the Project Director and graduate students in establishing the hardware in-the-loop simulation system and in preparing the related lab material and handouts. 


A part-time Technician (Chris Toothman) had provided technical support, primarily for E-Teaching/Learning system.  This  involved managing the distance learning equipment, training instructors in its usage and providing technical support, setting and maintaining a distance learning web site, uploading presentations, and managing access.  The funding of Chris Toothman was solely from the Department of Electrical and Computing Engineering.

The Course Coordinator and the K-12 Program Director, Betty Lise Anderson, has developed the course material and organized the freshman course Sustainable Energy and Society She has expanded the K-12 Program for the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at The Ohio State University.  She has, with ECE students, developed a variety of hands-on activities for middle- and high-school students and their teachers. With her Outreach Officer (staff), ECE student volunteers, and volunteers from Students for STEM (OSU student organization for STEM outreach, advised by Prof. Anderson), she has visited 16 schools in 40 visits in the last two years. Including engineering camps and similar events, she has impacted over 1000 students.  Professor Longya Xu, as a respected professor in the electrical power area, will assist Professor Anderson in the above-mentioned tasks.  Professor Xu has twenty years of experience in electric power related teaching.  Longya also has served as a consultant to many industry companies including Raytheon Co., Boeing, Honeywell, US Wind Power Co., General Motors, Ford and Unique Mobility Inc. for various industrial concerns.  Thus, he has a good understanding of needs of various industry sectors, which makes him a perfect choice to lead the freshman course. In the first year, a Graduate Teaching Assistant will also be hired to help Professor Anderson with the K-12 Program and the Sustainable Energy and Society class.


Finally, by Year 3 multiple Short Courses are expected to reach professional engineers, both in person and through the E-Teaching/Learning system.  The Short Course development is coordinated by Don Kasten, who has over 30 years of teaching and research experience at The Ohio State University (OSU).  Prior to joining OSU he worked for 4 years for an electric utility as a relay/meter engineer, half of that time as a field engineer.  His area of expertise is in electric power systems, specifically in power system protection, power system operation, electric and magnetic field effects, and partial discharge.